Friday, November 09, 2012

House tour // Heaven on Formentera island

My words for Formentera island are not enough. Every time I discover a house from this island I get more and more impressed. Natural color schemes, beautiful furniture and humble pools. 

More houses on Formentera island here and here.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anybody out there still reading Unidentified Lifestyle. If you are still here reading this post, thank you and I love you! I'm trying to find the secret recipe between working full time and blogging full time, if you have any magic formulas I'd love to hear them! I'm stuck in bed with a terrible cold today so I've decided that it's the perfect opportunity to reunite with the blogging world.

Have a fab weekend everyone,
I miss you!

I'm deeply in love with this rug. It looks like it's made from rope, it's definitely a statement piece in front of the fireplace and it goes great with the wooden floors. 
1. My eternal passion for exposed wooden beams
2. A house on an island with metallic decorative fishes on the wall.
3. Some dashes of yellow, like cushion and small candle holders are enough to create a vibrant and classy atmosphere. 

Photographer Jordi Canosa // Styled by Daniela Cavestany // via 


  1. Oh please can I escape the grey November here and escape there?? Love the yellow accents!!

    1. If you go take me with you! We're freezing over here!

  2. What a beautiful place indeed! Love the yellow accents, and fish on the walls. A dream! :)

  3. beautiful... must go there very very soon haha!

  4. Just found your blog via Pinterest and love it! x

  5. Found your blog on Pinterest, currently crushing.


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