Monday, December 27, 2010

Paint my soles!

Taylor Reeve is a graphic artist that will make you walk on your hands, just to keep your shoes safe! 
Her hidden pop art soles are her unique trademark that will make you forget everything about Christian Louboutin and his red devil shoes!

This pair is killing me!

Best thing ever? You don't have to walk on your hands all the way to California just to get a pair of painted soles , a simple visit to her online shop at will do. 
Discover more about Taylor Reeve on and become a fan of her facebook page here .

 Her Influences : Street Art, Pop Art, Graffiti , Tattoo and custom culture.
Taylor works with several companies and managed to create an one of a kind signature.

What do you think?Will the painted soles make it to your shoe-closet?

Keep me posted!



  1. oh τέλειο!?


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